Applying to the University of Central Florida


To be eligible for the double degree program with the University of Central Florida you need to be enrolled in the Univeristy of Bordeaux I or at the Friedrich. To make sure you satisfy the universities requirements please contact first your advisor and Prof. Bruno Bousquet or Prof. Stefan Nolte.

The deadline date to submit Part 1 and 2 is JANUARY 15TH!

Application Procedure to the College of Optics and Photonics, CREOL, at the University of Central Florida

In order to be admitted to University of Central Florida, students are required to apply as a degree seeking student and must meet both the requirements for international students entering the Graduate School at UCF, and the requirements for the College of Optics and Photonics.

Part 1

Submit those documents to:
University of Central Florida College of Graduate Studies
230 Millican Hall
P.O. Box 160112
Orlando, FL 32816-0112
United States of America

  1. Online application (when you submit the application, choose the College of Optics MS Program, International Track). Once the application is ready to be submitted you will have to pay a $30 fee.
  2. Official TOEFL Test scores
  3. Official GRE General Examination scores (you need to score at least a 750 on the Quantitative section of the exam).
    Go to the ETSs website and look at their free sample exam and self test to see where you stand. ETS also has some study materials to help you pass the exam. is also the same place to go for the TOEFL exam.
    On both exams, the TOEFL and the GRE, be sure to insert the institution code 5233 so ETS will send us your results. If it says department number, you may insert 99 Other.
  4. One official transcript (relevé de notes) in a sealed envelope from each college/university attended. Those transcripts must be signed and stamped. The envelope must also be signed and stamped accros the flap. These transcripts must be translated to English either by your university or by the Workd Education Services or by Josef Silny and Associates, Inc only. The student's overall GPA must be of 3.0 (la moyenne générale de l'étudiant doit etre de 3.0 minimum).You must submit an official copy of your undergraduate diploma or an official document certifying that you obtained your undergraduate diploma.
  5. The three Official Recommendation Letters (no copy)

Part 2

Once all the documents received and evaluated the College of Optics and Photonics will confirm your acceptance to the International Services Center (ISC) for them to deliver the proper document for your visa (You can visit the ISC website if you want to have more information. The ISC will require you to fill out and send:

Submit those documents to:
University of Central Florida
International Services Center
Barbara Ying Center
4000 Central Florida Blvd.
Building 81, Suite 101
Orlando, FL 32816-0130
United States of America

  1. I-20 Request Form (check J-1 visa)
  2. Copy of Passport (6 month validity)
  3. Certification of Finances Form
  4. Original Financial Support Documents (all documents showing sources of funding)

You can check your application status and I-20 status at any time by checking

Part 3

Submit those documents to:
University of Central Florida
Health Services
P.O. Box 163333 Orlando, FL 32816-3333
United States of America

At this point your I-20 has been send and you have been officialy accepted to UCF. To finalize your enrolment at the university you need to prove that you have a health insurance that is covering your medical expenses while staying in the USA. The Health Center requires you to fill out and send the following documents:

  1. Compliance Form (the proof of insurance)
  2. Immunization Form

The Application Deadlines for International Students is January the 15th

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