Summer School 2011 in Orlando

As part of this program every year is organized a Summer School, either in Europe or in the United States. Every student of the program participates to this event as well as the faculty and advisors. In July 2011, will be held the second Atlantis MILMI Summer School. This year the Summer School will focus on the theme of "The Future of Photonics" and will consist of several parts.

The workshop comprises lectures, visits and discussion groups etc, and for the 10 students participating, a special project that tests innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. They will be graded for this project. The project we have in mind this year is the following:
Groups of two students will be given an optics-laser/design project by an outside expert from industry. This expert will explain what she/he is expecting in terms of the design of a functional component for a typical industrial project. The student pair will then have the week to prepare a detailed presentation of their design.

Several faculty from CREOL, The College of Optics and Photonics, helped by PhD students, will present their research and organize visits of their labs. Visits of oustide companies are also planned with the collaboration of the REU program and its students.