Summer School 2010 - PowerPoint Presentations

Summer School 2010 in Bordeaux

As part of this program every year is organized a Summer School, either in Europe or in the United States. Every student of the program participates to this event as well as the faculty and advisors. In June 2010, it was Bordeaux who had the privilege to organize this summer school. It will consist of two parts. The first one lasted four days and had for goal to introduce each university, the faculties involved, and the students’ research projects. A poster session was organized for the students to share their work with the other students. This part had for purpose to give every student more confidence regarding the presentation of their work as well as to help them building a solid friendship and network among their peers, which will be a valuable asset to their career. This poster session also helped them understand how the second year at the Partner University would work and helped them broaden their interest in physics, optics, photonics, and material science. This moment was also a good occasion to organize meetings between all the coordinators of this master program in order to discuss about issues, improvements, and more generally the organization.

The second part consisted on a workshop focused on entrepreneurship. Various guest speakers gave presentations about what it is to be an entrepreneur in photonics. Subjects prepared by Bordeaux University were given to students who were working in teams on those different projects revolving about a possible application to their previous work. They learnt the business and marketing tools. The week end was focused on culture and two visits were organized around Bordeaux to show students what the life at Bordeaux is. Students took this opportunity to work on the subject they were assigned, with the help of the faculty.